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The BioVisionCenter is co-founded by the Friedrich Miescher Institute and the University of Zurich, dedicated to all activities related to computer vision and advanced processing of complex bioimage datasets.

Its mission is to drive research and development in computational bioimage analysis, while making it accessible to all by enabling researchers of any background to carry out complex analysis tasks at scale through its infrastructure.

The BioVisionCenter is built on three strategic pillars:
1)    Coordinating research in bioimage analysis and driving the development of novel open-source bioimage analysis methods
2)    Offering a platform making state-of-the-art bioimage analysis at scale accessible to the broader scientific community
3)    Training researchers of all backgrounds to include quantitative bioimage analysis as part of their scientific practice

The first initiative of the BioVisionCenter is the expansion of the Fractal project into a widely available computational infrastructure.

Being the first academic center fully dedicated to computational bioimage analysis in Switzerland, the BioVisionCenter aims to position itself as a champion for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reproducible) bioimage analysis both nationally and internationally.


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Next generation bioimage analysis workflows hackathon

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November 6th - November 8th 2023

BioVisionCenter Kick-Off Symposium

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November 9th - November 10th 2023


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